ARTWORKLONDON is a cutting edge Artists’ Collective founded by Gabriella Slattery and Frederic Anicet to provide free exhibition spaces both online and in live venues.

The ALFUK (Artists Liberation Front UK) created in 2006 and curates rotating galleries in disused Commercial Site donate by Landlords on a temporary basis allowing ART to Breathe “LIFE BACK” into discarded spaces.
Our Aim is to offer Artists an avenue by which, they can market their work directly to the public without having to pay:

– Submission fees
– Rental of wall space
– Enormous percentage fees up to 50% – 70% galleries rate)

All of these costs incurred by Artists often inflate the price of Art, as well as creating and anodyne environment,
safe and of one elk produced only by those affluent enough to enter the Arena.

We approach Landlords with empty commercial spaces and ask them to donate their premises for an agreed period, thus eliminating the financial exploitation of individuals by greedy intermediaries.